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Friday, June 19, 2015

Interstellar - "Honey, I shrunk the astronauts"

Essentially, from what I can remember of this film, I loved the build towards the flight, I even enjoyed the space travel itself (the beautiful sequence going into the black hole) and the futility and wasted years on the first two planets (I guess I liked how after all that effort and technological development, their readings couldn't tell them the planet was essentially a large wave machine - speaks volumes about the fragility of human endeavor and our over reliance on technology)

I loved Matt Damon's dark character and what his characters action's reflected about human nature and the will to survive. I liked how we saw Murph age decades in what were hours for Mcconaughey and the desperation to get back to his daughter.

The film lost me as soon as Mcconaughey got chucked into the black hole and we got treated to a version of "Honey, I shrunk the astronaut":p Seriously, Mcconaughey floating behind an enormous book case inside an alien-made tesseract and then literally using a book cover to Morse code Murph? Look out citizens it's Nolan's "2001 meets Playschool"! Why is it when any Science Fiction film has humanity meet a superior alien race, we have to communicate though a patronizingly simplistic medium? (See "Contact" - the single most disappointing climax to a film ever) I've always felt it was just plain laziness on the film maker's part; not being able to come up with a mind bending communication tool that would link human and alien races together. At least give us something with a bit more panache than the equivalent of a duplo set:p

Nolan, this mawkish device ruined an otherwise enjoyable film.

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