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Friday, June 19, 2015

Human Centipede 3 - What a grotesque delight...

I know I'm a sick man but this is a stunning return to form for Tom Six after the patently nasty Human Centipede 2. From start to finish this is overblown, hilarious, transgressive fun (The same sense of fun and ridiculousness that made the 1st Film such a treat) You know you're in for one hell of a ride when in the first five minutes Dieter Laser has already fingered and hurled abuse at poor Bree Olsen, who he blithely refers to as "Tits" or "Office Slut" alternatively.

This film is one long animal scream of racism, misogyny, testosterone, stereotypes, sadism and violence and I for one found it very cathartic and refreshing (In the same way I found the "Jackass" films refreshing; these films come along to clear the nastiness and repressed anger from your pipes) With Laser's UTTERLY over the top performance and Lawrence R Harvey's natural British accent occasionally coming through - and that fact that ANYONE would let a lunatic like Bill Boss get away with what he does - makes the ability to take this film seriously a challenge. Having been liberated from taking the film seriously, we are free to enjoy every hysterical transgression on display, from the "hot water boarding" to the castration scene (To Laser eating said testicles later) to the dream (?) sequence of Laser being raped in a puncture wound on his kidneys. It's repugnant joy from start to finish.

Some of the dialogue is just distastefully beautiful: "I need my ballsack drained before lunch!" Laser spits at Olsen, "Even the corpse of a spastic would turn you down!" he howls at Harvey before having sex with the brutalized, comatose body of Olsen in the Prison Hospital. My only complaint is Laser is so over the top that it's often hard to understand the dialogue through his ranting.

With the film's closing shot of a naked Laser literally screaming into a megaphone atop a Prison watch tower, while the American National Anthem plays over the soundtrack, the film ultimately won it's way into my heart.

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