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Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Monuments Men. Meh.

There's no questioning the quality production of this film and the star pull. As usual Cate Blanchett is excellent and Clooney and Damon both solid. Murray does his Murray thing, but seeing as everyone seems to be crawling up Bill Murray's arse these days I will refrain from doing so. The problem with this film is one of tone; it has to be light and whimsical for the comedy to work (It's not terribly funny at that) but still give reverence for the realities of war. As such death and senseless loss are treated with sentiment rather than with impact or consequences that push the story forwards.

It never really strikes a tone that engages. It's not a gritty, ugly action fest like The Dirty Dozen, nor a drama like Guns of Navarone - there is no drama (Let's clarify: edge of your seat drama) You never really feel a sense of danger in this film and that's where it falls short, there's very little tension and it remains flat throughout; a crime especially for a film of this running length.

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